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A Once in a Decade Spring Buying Season and How It Impacts You.

“This spring homebuying season may be the last to see gains in affordability in quite a while.” – Are you thinking about real estate this spring?  A confluence of circumstances make this a great time to make the move you have contemplated. Upgrade Your Home:  With plenty of buyers and home values continuing to rise, now […]

How many mail pieces and phone calls have you received about rates?

Make sure you have all of the information before you make a decision. We have to admit that the “rates are low” marketing messages are getting a bit tired. But, we didn’t see this coming. The best minds in the world predicted higher rates this year, but the market had another plan. Why work with […]

Why Now Is A Great Time To Unlock Your Home Equity

The government shutdown has come to an end. It created a unique market opportunity to start the year. Rates are near 12-month lows and home values are holding steady. It is an interesting confluence of events.  The opportunity to lock in historically low rates may not last. A Cash-Out Refinance isn’t right for everyone, but today’s […]

Waiting to Buy A Home Can Be Expensive

Based on projections, Placer County home buyers could pay an extra $12,650 if they wait 2 years to buy. You may not be actively looking, but you likely know someone that is. For most people, their home is their largest asset. While there may be a personal reason to wait, now is a GREAT time […]

Mari Medina Joins Nextview Mortgage

(Roseville, CA) October 30, 2018  – Nextview Mortgage(NVM), a division of Premier Mortgage Resources LLC is excited to announce the addition of Mari Medina as a Mortgage Planner. “After more than 16 years advocating for clients, Mari has joined Nextview to serve the Elk Grove market. We are proud to have such an amazing opportunity […]

Three Great Reasons to Review Your Current Mortgage

Rates are Climbing, Home Appreciation Is Slowing, Programs Are Changing. Even if you love your current rate, now might be a great time to consider a cash-out refinance. 1)  Rates Hit 7 Year Highs Last week, rates hit a 7 year high. FHLMC projects that they will keep going up. Every time rates move up, the […]

10 Reasons to Cash Out Refinance

1. Pay off debt You could pay off credit card debt and end up paying less in interest. By paying off the credit cards with equity from the home, you are shifting the debt into your mortgage. Credit cards often are at higher interest rates, and if you only make the minimum payments on the […]

Pitt Miller Takes The Helm of Nextview Auburn

(Auburn, CA) June 29, 2018  – Nextview Mortgage(NVM), a division of Premier Mortgage Resources LLC is excited to announce the addition of Pitt Miller, NMLS #281323, as the leader of our Auburn location.   “After more than 25 years of closing on time for my clients, I am thrilled to be part of building a […]

Three Simple Tips To Make Your Home the Star Of the Show

Are you getting ready to put your house on the market in 2018? Consider this: There are three main characters in the story of selling your home: You Your Real Estate Agent Your House You’ve done all you can to prepare yourself to move, to prepare your finances and make sure you have everything you […]

Housing Affordability Getting Worse in 2018

With rising interest rates, inventory shortages, and  high buyer demands housing affordability is looking pretty grim. I wish we could say that things will soon be better, but according to the National Association of REALTORS(r), mortgage rates will reach 4.5% by the second half of 2018 while housing markets across America are seeing surges in […]