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It goes without saying that you must have a knowledge base.

nvena says:

When our real estate agent referred Char, she said he was "the best." I made the assumption that superlatives were part and parcel to references in any industry. I'm certainly not an easy person to please, nor am I prone to superlatives myself. Working through the transaction with Char was extremely pleasant and smooth. His experience was evident immediately. From a business perspective I generally prefer that someone do their job, and that they do it diligently. I'm not so concerned as to whether I jive with someone's personality. Char is a true professional. He is organized and persistent. Anyone that's gone through more than one real estate transaction knows that you have to be organized - and you have to be persistent. It goes without saying that you must have a knowledge base. There wasn't a single moment throughout our dealings where Char's understanding of the mortgage lending market wasn't obvious. I am self employed, work for two companies and have an 80 page tax return. That was just the beginning of Char's woes with me. Yet, never was there an issue for which he wasn't a step ahead. He got us our loan - and he got it on time. As far as personality goes, that was just a perk. Char is incredibly easy to work with. He is extremely friendly and easy-going. He was patient throughout the process; applying just the right pressure to keep me from stalling the transaction. Not only would I refer Char without hesitation, but I was so impressed with him, and found him to be so likeable and professional, that I hope I do have the opportunity to refer business his way.

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