About Reverse

About our Reverse Mortgage Team

Whether you are refinancing your existing home, or are seeking to purchase a new home, we are the people that answer your questions and structure your home loan, addressing your needs and timeframe.

We take what can be a complex home financing option and make it as transparent as possible. Experience matters when your home and future opportunities are on the line.

When you call, you will be connected to ONE TEAM that will be your guide. You won’t be passed from department to department during the processing of your loan. Our company also services your loan, so it won’t be sold again and again. So no matter where in the United States you are contacting us from, we can help or connect you to a licensed, experienced and caring Reveres Mortgage Specialist.

Kim Dodge

"It is a privilege to work with people on their home financing, because it is not just about their house, but their dreams and quality of life."

Testimonials from our clients touch my heart and tell the story in their own words about how our team structured reverse mortgage financing to meet their needs to live comfortably and safely in their own home. When I was 21, I helped my Grandmother move out of her home of 50+ years into an assisted living community (which was lovely by the way).

But I often think “if I knew then, what I know now”, Grandma being surrounded by her memories and possessions in her own home, with funds to pay for in-home care, would have been a preferred option. A reverse mortgage and staying in one’s home is NOT for everyone. I want to help you look at ALL your options, so that you can make the most informed home choices possible.

Kim is a Portland native, ecstatically married to her husband Craig and very proud of their four daughters for the caring and lovely women they have become. Kim has been a licensed mortgage professional since 2002, specializing in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, aka Reverse Mortgage, since 2008. Kim is licensed in Oregon, Washington and California.