About Our Portland Office

For 20 years we have helped Clients realize their homeownership dreams and intelligently manage their mortgage. Our office, Usher Financial Group, has operated in the Portland community since 2003. Now, we have partnered with Nextview Loans to get access to the best products, pricing, and technology to continue our mission of improving lives with home ownership.

Our clients will realize we are different when we dive into their long and short term financial objectives to determine the right product for them. Some will tell you a loan is a loan. While we primarily sell the same products, how you structure your mortgage matters. There are small mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. Our proprietary analysis tools help you avoid them. Our partnership with a top 10 mortgage bank assures you get the best of what is available, every time.

We also have a Reverse Mortgage Division that helps seniors be #RetirementReady. Our hands on approach mean you can work with a local partner that makes sure you get the loan you need without fear of making the wrong decision.

For Our Realtor Partners, teamwork means we add value to your business in four specific ways:

  1. TBD approvals using our proprietary Loan Analysis Platform ensure your offer gets approved and your buyer is ready.
  2. Team based co-branded lead conversion platform makes us your lead conversion partner.
  3. Client for life management. Lifetime co-branding with monthly communication means we stay in touch for you.
  4. Coaching for digitizing your relationship based business. We are passionate about the digital revolution, and our #digitizedrltr platform helps you take advantage of what is next.

Whether you are buying your first home, looking for retirement solutions or investing in your 5th rental, our local team would love to help you find #mynextview.

Other Companies Were Selling A Product

David T says:

I felt that the other companies were selling a product, but that you were really more interested in finding the right decision for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hands on involvement in seeing me through the process. It was all very reassuring. I feel I made the right, informed decision and I have peace of mind from that. Thanks for everything!

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